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"At the age of 55, Paul E. Kandarian audition for his first stage production, and with no experience was cast as the lead. He is now a full-time actor, having performed in dozens of films, short and long, TV commercials, industrial videos, educational videos, and theatre productions. He is also a career-long writer, working in newspapers since 1982 and still doing magazine writing and travel pieces." - Diary of An Unemployed Actor, Milo Denison

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I had the tremendous good fortune to be part of "Loud Voices, Silent Streets," a remarkable social experiment by Ella Luna Rose Muscroft, which arose from the need for a collective community voice of hope and resolve in the face of a crushing pandemic that threatens to suck the soul from the fabric of our country. Please watch, and go to her YouTube channel for many more - and ways to join this wonderful project as well.

We hurt as a community and we heal as a community. And the arts is a magnificent and necessary tool in that struggle.

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I had a most interesting talk with Lexi Matthews, producer of Golden Deer Productions, for which I was in a film the summer of 2020, tentatively called Apple Cinemas, by Conor Holway. Had a blast and they wanted to do an interview with actors in it, and this was my bit, blathering on about this, that and the other, so if you've a few minutes to kill, have a listen. It's on Apple podcasts (link below), also Spotify and SoundCloud.

Honestly, it's always fun to talk about acting and the great scene we have around here. And indeed, it's a reallllly great scene, always delighting me to see the depth of the Boston/New England talent pool.

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