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Acting Bites Wicked HAAAAHD...

Greetings, this is my first blog, which I'll mercifully keep short, on my first acting page ever. I just wanted to impart the message that when the acting bug bites, it bites hard, and the playful headline was ode to my Massachusetts roots; I was born close enough to the Boston area to largely eradicate my use of the letter R, especially when around others from the area or when I've had more than a couple glasses of something red and luscious.

Long-story short: I got into acting in 2007, after doing a profile in Rhode Island Monthly magazine about a new artistic director of a theater in that state, attending some plays, rehearsals, etc., all of which reignited a lifelong desire to act. Never had the balls before, but at 54, figured what did I have to lose?

Cut to present, I've done untold numbers of plays, dozens and dozens of movies, shorts, features, and in between, TV commercials, some national, a lot of local/regional, and a slew of informational videos, corporate stuff, educational material, even faking being a knee replacement patient for New England Baptist. Cruel twist of fate: I now need a freakin' knee replacement and may be forced to watch my own videos. Karma is a painful bitch, right?

But this blog will be dribs and drabs of thoughts and musings on acting, and by far, the most important thing I'll ever say here is: NEVER give up on a dream. Ever. I tell young people all the time, who for some reason look up to me, that if this is your goal, if this is what makes you breathe every breath, if this is what courses through you like blood, if this is why you get up every day to be in in front of or behind the camera, NEVER give up. Always follow your heart, it will take you where you need to be. I love, love, love working with young people not just because they seem to listen to me, but because their passion reflects my passion and it fuels our mutual fires to do not what we want to do, but what we HAVE to do. The only voice that matters - the ONLY one - is yours. It's easy as ABC, kids: Always. Be. Creating. Always. ...OK, which would make it ABCA but yeah, that...

I so welcome your input. That's why we're here, to commune creatively. Cherish the journey.

See you on set.

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